Corporate Responsibility
Our Responsiblity
Rift Energy Corp. is committed to maintaining the highest international standards with respect to health, safety and environmental protection in the countries in which we operate. We aim to conduct our operations responsibly, independently and ethically to ensure the growth and stability of both our business and the development of our host countries and local partners.

We believe our corporate responsibility practices will provide economic, social and environmental benefits to impacted communities while ensuring positive investment opportunities for our shareholders.

  1. FCPA Policy : "Rift Energy and its subsidiaries are committed to strict compliance with all applicable anti-corruption legislation and to maintaining the highest ethical standards in their business dealings and in their relationships with Public Officials.”
  2. Whistleblower policy: The integrity, transparency and accountability of the financial, operational, administrative and management practices of Rift Energy Corp. is critical. The financial and operational information respecting the Corporation guides the decisions of the board of directors of the Corporation and is relied upon by shareholders of the Corporation and the financial markets. For these reasons, it is critical for the Corporation to maintain a workplace where concerns regarding questionable business practices can be raised without fear of any discrimination, retaliation or harassment.