Block L19, Kenya

In June 2012, Rift Energy signed a Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”) covering Block L19, which contains approximately 9,000 KM² (2.2 million acres) in the Lamu Basin.  Should Rift Energy make an oil or gas discovery, the strategic location of Block L19 provides a ready market for oil to refineries in Mombasa and natural gas could also be supplied to industrial customers by building a relatively short pipeline.

An aggressive exploration program for Block L19 is now in progress. There has been only one well drilled on Block L19 to date. The Ria Kaluli 1 well was drilled off structure to a depth of 1,538 meters in 1962 and was plugged after encountering oil shows in the Karoo formation.


*Note: Highlighted area on map reflects initial acreage (12,00Km², 2.9 million acres) 25% of Block L19 was relinquished during 2014, which occurred in the northernmost section of Block L19.

Technical Data Completed

Aerial Gravity and Magnetic Survey (AGM)
Completed in early 2013, the AGM results were better than anticipated. The data provided from the AGM formed the basis of a depth to basement map over Block L19.  As a result, multiple large basement structures and multiple play types have been identified that have the potential to contain commercial oil and/or natural gas reserves.

Depth to basement map showing Geochemical Survey data points

Geochemical Survey
Completed in late 2013, a Geochemical Survey results were better than expected.  The design and spacing of the Geochemical Survey was designed to:
  • Detect hydrocarbons in the areas of interest.
  • Identify the phase of the detected hydrocarbons.
  • Differentiate between multiple similar phases if sufficient hydrocarbon differences exist (i.e. multiple oil or gas signatures).
Positive Geochemical Survey results reflect indications of hydrocarbons within Block L19 that correlates to prospects and leads generated from our 2D Seismic Program.
2D Seismic Program
A 2D Seismic Program covering 724 line kilometers was completed during June 2014.  The 2D Seismic Program covered the most prospective areas identified from AGM and Geochemical Survey.
  • Numerous leads and prospects at various depths have been identified, including approximately four drillable prospects and at least 21 leads.

Grid map of 2D Seismic Program

Community Development Projects

During mid-2014, Rift Energy completed ten community projects within Block L19, including water related infrastructure and the construction of six classrooms at various locations within Kilifi and Kwale counties. Rift Energy plans to complete several additional community projects during the upcoming drilling program.


Exploratory Drilling Program

Rift Energy is in the process of evaluating drilling and engineering service tenders for its drilling program, which is expecting to commence later this year.

In addition, Rift Energy is currently in the process of completing the Environmental Impact Assessments ("EIA") that are required for each of our four drilling locations. After completing the EIA and securing additional financing, Rift Energy will initiate its exploratory drilling program on Block L19.